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Connect MS Planner to Project Online

May 27, 2019

If you use Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project Online to manage your projects, the curious question you may ask is "How to consolidate PWA and MS Planner and get benefits of this collaboration?". In today's article, we are going to show you a simple way to integrate Planner with Project Online.


Assume that you are engaged in a project and want to see all tasks from this project on your Microsoft Planner board. In this case, you can use all Planner capabilities working with these tasks - create notes, attach documents and links, set up personal deadlines and checklists and so on. It allows you to detail tasks accomplishment and organize effective work on a project. Useful collaboration, isn’t it?


Let’s begin. Wi will use Microsoft Flow to connect Project Online with Planner. As a part of Office 365, Microsoft Flow for Office 365 is free licensed. Using this app, we are about to create a rule (or Flow), working on the trigger-action model. It means that every time when the specific trigger occurs this flow will be launched and cause a specific action. In our case, the trigger is the creation of a new task in a Project Online project, and the action is the creation of the same task in Planner. Therefore, before we start, please, make sure that you have a blank published project in Project Online and a Plan, created in MS Planner and dedicated to storing the tasks.


Now go to the Microsoft Office home page (, sign in with your account and click Flow icon.

 On the Flow home page click My flows -> New -> Create from blank.

Scroll down and find Search hundreds of connectors and triggers. Click it. Type “Project” in the search box and choose a trigger When a new task is created.

In the Root Site URL field enter the link to the PWA site, you want to connect with, and then click New step.

Select Condition in the Choose an action filed. Let’s create a filter to only work with tasks, created in the specific project from Project Online. For the first field in the appeared Dynamic content box select "Returned tasks Project name", for the second one set up "is equal to", and enter the name of the project. Then click Add an action in the "If yes" section.

In the emerged search box enter Planner and click Create a task. Now you should fill out required fields such as Plan Id (the name of the plan in MS Planner) and Title. If you want to detail Start and Finish Dates of tasks, please, put the letter "Z" after dynamic content in order to avoid mistakes with a date format. Then click Save.

So far you have created a flow. Now, let’s check, if the flow works well. At the upper right corner click Test and select the option I’ll perform the trigger action. Then click "Save & Test" button. Don’t close the page.

Now you can open the project plan either via Project Desktop or PWA and create some tasks. Then Save and Publish the plan. Come back to the Flow web page and make sure that your flow ran successfully. Once you performed those steps, you should see the result in Planner. Therefore, now you are ready to organize the work on these tasks in the best appropriate and convenient way, using all great opportunities provided by Microsoft Planner.

The new flow will be launched automatically each time when you create a task in Project Online. In addition, you can share this flow, add owners, look through the history of the flow performance, turn it off and manage other settings on the My flows page. 

Please note, that the synchronization, that we just set up is one-way. It only transfers changes from Project Online to planner. It means that, if you create a new task in the synchronized plan in MS Planner, new task in Project Online Project will not be created. If that approach doesn’t match your goals and you need two-way integration or you need any other features, please contact us and we will propose an appropriate solution for you.


Happy Learning.


Best Regards,
Team of Managed Services Department
Trusted IT Group

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