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Tasks not showing on Timesheets

June 9, 2019

If your company tracksprojects progress useing Timesheets, you could face the common issue when resources don’t see tasks, assigned to them, on their Timesheets. In this article, we are going to examine the most common causes of this issue.


Resource booking type is Proposed

All enterprise resources can have either Committed or Proposed booking type. The point is when you create a project plan from scratch or tweak an existing schedule to consider the changes with project stakeholders before accepting, the best practice is to initially set resources as Proposed. If you save and publish a project, with Proposed booking type, resources will not see tasks assigned to them in their Timesheets. This feature allows you to draft your resource plan, during project planning. Once the project plan is approved, you should change the booking type and publish the final version of the schedule.


Thus, you should ensure that all resources in your project plan set as Committed. There are several ways to review booking types. The easiest one is to open the schedule for editing in MS Project, add the Booking Type column to the Resource Sheet view and make changes if necessary.

To set default Booking Type for a resource, go as admin to PWA Server Settings -> Enterprise Data -> Resource Center. Open the resource for editing and in the section Assignments Attributes chose the default value you need. Consider that changing the Booking Type within a project plan doesn’t impact on the default value. In addition, the Booking Type spreads throughout the overall schedule and cannot be set for only specific assignments.

Assignment Owner doesn’t match the resource name

By definition, the Assignment Owner is a user, who is responsible for recording actual hours for the assignment. If the Assignment Owner and the resource, assigned to a task, doesn’t match, this task will not be added to the resource’s Timesheet. In some cases, that’s may be justified, when the resource cannot update task status or only one member of a team, assigned to the task, will enter and submit actual hours, for example.


You can add Assignment Owner field to the Resource Usage view or the Task Usage view in Microsoft Project and alter the value for specific assignments. In PWA this field is indicated on  the “Assignment Summary” and “Assignment Tracking” views. You can set default Assignment Owner in the same Assignment Attributes, described earlier.

Publish task field set to ‘No’

You can set the Publish value as No for some tasks to prevent them from emerging in Timesheets. Don’t confuse the Publish field with the process of publishing a project to PWA. There is a big difference between these two functions. If you add tasks to a plan and don’t publish the schedule, the PWA project will not reflect the changes you’ve made. However, if you set the Publish field value for certain tasks as ‘No’ and then publish the project, the schedule on the PWA site is completely up to speed but assigned resources don’t have the tasks with ‘No’ Publish fied value in their Timesheets. You can add this field to the Task Usage view in Microsoft Project and pick either Yes or No. 

There are no remaining work

There are two probable scenarios: a resource doesn’t have remaining work on an assignment, or a task is 100% complete. In any case, one specific or multiple resources respectively will not see the task in their Timesheets. Thus, you should ensure that the task is still in progress and the assignment has remaining work hours. 


Task is Locked

Typically, task locking is used to prevent team members from entering actuals on completed tasks. To see whether a task is locked, you should open a project via MS Project and add a column “Locked” to Gannt Chart or Task Sheet view. In PWA you can find this field in the “Task Tracking” or “Close Tasks to Update” views. If you set the Locked value as ‘Yes’ for specific tasks, they will not appear in Timesheets.

Project is not published

This simple reason can still take some time to find it out. When resources are assigned to tasks, you should publish the project to make changes visible for team members. If some tasks are missing from timesheets, first, make sure, that the published version of your project contains necessary assignments.


Happy Learning.


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