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Enterprise Holidays and Resource’s Vacations in Project Online

June 28, 2019

With the arrival of summer, the hot topic is how to specify a resource's vacation time to make the projects planning more accurate. Today we'll shed some light on this.

As the process of specifying resource’s vacation is very similar to the setting up enterprise holidays, we will kill two birds by one stone and consider both.

Let’s start and set up company enterprise first.


Enterprise Holidays

1. In the Project Web App, go to the Enterprise Calendars navigating the Server Settings > Enterprise Calendars under the Enterprise Data section.

2. Select the calendar you want to add holidays to and click Edit.

3. In the pop-up window click Yes to open the calendar for editing in the Project Professional.

4. Now click the date, that should be a holiday on the calendar and on the Exceptions tab type a name for the holiday.

After entering the name, Start and Finish dates are automatically filled with the date you selected in the calendar.

5. If the holiday happens every year, you can set up a Recurrence pattern. To do this, go to Details and choose the preferable option. In the Range of occurrence, you may define a number of occurrences (e.g. 5 years).


Resource’s Vacations

From the Project Web App, open the resource for editing in Project Professional:

1. Go to the Resource Center (Server Settings > Resource Center under the Enterprise Data section).

2. Select the resource whose calendar you would like to change and click the Open button on the ribbon.

Click Yes to launch MS Project Professional. The resource will be displayed with the Resource Sheet view.

3. Double-click the resource to open the Resource Information. Then click Change Working Time … button on the General tab.

4. Select the vacation period on the calendar and create a new exception by entering the name on the Exceptions tab. Click OK.

Now, all resource assignments will be calculated considering the vacation. It will make resource capacity planning and projects schedule more accurate.


Happy Learning.


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