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Trusted IT Group, Inc. (“TIG”) is a Gold Microsoft Partner comprised of thought leaders in Cloud Migration, Data Analytics and Project Management successfully provides innovative cloud and on-premise solutions. Organizations from a wide range of geographical locations, industries and sizes, including Fortune 1000 companies, have leveraged Trusted IT Group’s expertise to increase collaboration, minimize risks and ensure the alignment of all strategic objectives. Formed in 2009 and headquartered in New Jersey, Trusted IT Group is led by experts with decades of experience. TIG’s team of consultants utilizes industry-leading best practices to ensure that value is added on every customer engagement. TIG believes that reinforcing the groundwork for tools, people and processes are paramount to success.



Maximum efficiencies achieved through complete automation of systems and processes is the ultimate trend of the business world today. In a global economy with increased market dynamics and much shorter business cycles, most business organizations worldwide have switched their planning patterns from business plans to business projects, which, executed together in a cohesive and timely manner, lead business organizations to achieve business goals while allowing organizations to adjust their planning process upon completion of each project and based on any new adjustments in market and industry trends.

Our Mission is to support our clients through each step of their growth process from start-up to enterprise stages by providing them with highly scalable solutions for all their IT, needs.



Masters of Science, PhDs, and Subject Matter Experts will solve the most complicated technical challenges.

We only have the best of the best Developers. Engineering practices, teamwork, high academic standards, smart work are the principles for all of our team members. We hire and grow our developers in a collaborative environment so they can deliver the highest quality work to our customers.







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