Next-level PPM capabilities in one platform

Power PPM is a modern PMO solution that provides an end-to-end experience and covers
all core disciplines from Project and Portfolio Management to Resource Management and Financial Forecasting.



Managing work on all levels with Power PPM

Power PPM is a user-friendly Project Portfolio Management tool that empowers leaders to optimize their work and allows teams to deliver results efficiently. Power PPM is built entirely on the Microsoft Power Platform, follows industry best practices, and is available from Microsoft Teams natively.

This powerful solution for project and portfolio management can be adapted to your organization’s needs and is already implemented and used in several of the highest profiled organizations globally.


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The perfect PPM tool for the PMO


The primary objective of Power PPM is to maximize the benefits a company accrues from the projects it undertakes. This is achieved by providing the PMO with an end-to-end, top-to-bottom overview by “drilling-down” to other data entities, for instance clicking back and forth between a Portfolio, Program and Project level. It is also possible to define an overall portfolio before creating actual projects.

Power PPM supports all delivery models from Scaled Agile, Hybrid to Traditional. This is the modern platform that allows customers to migrate to a future proof Power Platform environment.




A comprehensive PPM tool




Make the right decisions, with a portfolio overview
Prioritize and control your organization’s portfolios. Deliver your strategic objectives by creating and managing portfolios top-down. Include programs, projects and initiatives to continuously balance the investment while staying on top of the overall execution roadmap, financial consumption, risks and much more. Use Power BI to share portfolio reports or use the native Power Apps charts for real-time and in-app portfolio dashboards.

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Collect all project details in one place
Manage the project and its business case from one central location. Connect critical project data from the timeline together with key information on risks, issues, KPIs, financials and stakeholders. Project Managers stay on top of business processes, gate governance and checklists from a guided and modern user experience.

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Make your scheduling easy and transparent
Power PPM comes with rich timeline and roadmap planning capabilities. The Gantt representation can be customized and tailored to support enterprise level control including the overall user experience and visualization. The Power PPM timeline can be added to any work entity such as portfolios, programs, projects, workstreams and used to track cross-project progress in real time. 


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Work the way you want
Efficient and improved team collaboration as Power PPM works with Microsoft Teams allowing team members to stay in their favorite application. Teams can update progress on all work items such as tasks and risks while the project manager can stay on top from within Power PPM. This approach ensures the best role-based user experience which is one of the key benefits from using Power PPM and the Power Platform.


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Manage your finances on all PPM levels
Power PPM includes rich financial grids that can be configured to fit advanced financial budgetting and forecasting requirements. The financial grid calculates ETC and EAC in real-time, allows for row-based commenting and custom configuration of the break down structure with up to three levels. Project Managers can quickly create cost plan versions for easy comparison of data changes over time. When applied to a higher level, roles such as program managers can see the combined financial situation, across projects, and in real time.


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Beautiful reporting with Microsoft Power BI
User-friendly and easy project portfolio reporting by using Microsoft Power BI, which can be embedded inside Power PPM and tailored to your exact requirements. Power BI also allows for joining Power PPM data with other line of business systems e.g. ERP and HR. Power BI is available from any device from a browser, Power Apps or inside Microsoft Teams.



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“Power PPM supports FLSmidth’s vision of a modern way of working around projects, and i have no doubt in my mind that we will further utilize the Power Platform in the future.”
Morten Noergaard Nielsen

Global Strategic Supplier Management


What makes Power PPM so powerful?


By implementing Power PPM as your Project Portfolio Management software, you will be able to collaborate across units, departments, and teams and create the much-needed transparency, with real-time reporting for the management team to follow the status of the business’ development; Are your projects on track? Do you have sufficient resources? What risks are related to your projects? Are you staying within budget? The answers to all these and even more questions are only one click away with Power PPM.




Enables collaboration

Collaborate across units, departments, and teams to create transparency.



Integrates with other tools

Compatible with Teams, Project for the web, Dynamics Project Operations and and more.



Is customizable

This PMO solution can be adapted to your PPM strategy to support all delivery models.


What is Project Portfolio Management?


Project Portfolio Management refers to the centralized management of one or more project portfolios to achieve strategic objectives.

Project Management Portfolio helps bridgeing the gap between strategy and implementation and ensures that an organization can leverage its project selection and execution successfully. The primary objective of PPM is to maximize the benefits a company accrues from the projects it undertakes. This necessarily involves selecting only those projects that offer the right amount of value, taking into consideration the resources that need to be allocated vis-a-vis the available resources, as well as the strategic fit with the company’s goals.

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