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Project Management Training

Organizations must keep skills in alignment with needed work processes, and project management is a key process leading to success.

Trusted IT Group offers a core set of courses in Project Management aligned with PMI® processes, techniques, and standards. Our training is aligned with the work, processes, and templates of the host organization.
Trusted IT Group works with customers to draw classroom examples from the work of the participants in order to make the topic less academic and more practical to the learners.

Project Online implementers taking this intensive 2-day course learn how to properly configure and maintain Project Online using both Project Professional and the Project Web App interface. Administrators also learn how to manage the integration points between Project Online and SharePoint Server, as well as how to configure project collaboration sites and Power BI features. Learn from instructors who have real-world experience in deploying Project Online across many industries.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand Project Online terminology and core system components

  • Describe the project communication life cycle used with Project Online

  • Understand the administration interface in Project Web App

  • Create a Project Online login account in Project Professional

  • Configure custom enterprise fields, Lookup Tables, and calendars

  • Configure the Project Online demand and lifecycle management features and understand how they are used in an overall Portfolio Management process

  • Add resources to the Enterprise Resource Pool

  • Specify the initial configuration options for Project Online

  • Configure time and task tracking settings

  • Configure Project Online security using Groups and Categories

  • Import enterprise templates and existing projects into Project Online

  • Create custom views in both Project Web App and Project Professional

  • Manage Microsoft SharePoint Server and Project Sites

  • Modify Project Web App pages and create new Project Site templates

  • Configure Power BI features and build custom Excel-based reports and interactive dashboards


Short Topics in Project Management

Bad Apple Management Leadership Lecture

This talk reports on the latest research in managing difficult people on project teams, their effect on team performances, and organizational responses to bad apples.

Monte Carlo – Introduction and Application

This talk introduces the concept of Monte Carlo simulation modeling that underlies much of risk management and forecasting models. The talk discusses how Monte Carlo simulations are created and provide the participants with a simple Monte Carlo tool as a takeaway from the talk.

Change Control

This talk introduces the concept of structured change control as it is used in high-pressure and intense projects. Management of change is presented in a context of risk management.

Project Management in a PMI® Context

This talk introduces the place and context of the Project Management Institute and its impact on the profession and practice of project management.

Earned Schedule Management

This talk introduces a concept, Earned Schedule Management (ESM), which has recently been added to the project manager’s toolkit of techniques for managing expectations and estimates of schedules on active projects.

Risk Management Workshop

This talk introduces the concept of structured project Risk Management according to the process established by the PMI. The talk introduces the six steps of the PMI risk management process and does a short dive into project risk prioritization using a pairwise comparison tool that is provided to the participants as a takeaway from the talk.

ISO and PMBOK® Guide Overview

This talk discusses two project management standards, ISO 21500 and the PMI’s PMBOK® Guide, and discusses the differences and similarities between the two standards.

Pulse of the Profession Research Results

This talk discusses the place of research in the project management discipline and presents the results of the past several years of PMI’s Pulse of the Profession research studies. It then discusses how project managers can apply that research to improving the discipline within their own organizations.


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