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Current Openings

All work is remote with occasional travel to our NJ,FL, and Portugal office

  • Principal Engineer

    We are looking for a Principal Engineer to be a full-stack developer in our Product development team. We are working on a large Cloud-native Application project. The development includes all the lifecycle steps starting from Design, Architecture, and Cloud Workload planning. The key platform is Snowflake, also we use AWS for cloud computing resources. Work is remote with occasional travel to our NJ/FL offices

    Key responsibilities description:

    • Collaborating with leadership teams, departments, and customers to identify end-user requirements and specifications
    • Designing algorithms and scenarios to create new software programs and systems
    • Producing efficient and elegant code based on requirements
    • Build efficient, scalable, and secure API and ETL processes
    • Testing and deploying programs and applications
    • Troubleshooting, debugging, supporting, and improving existing software
    • Compiling and assessing user feedback to improve software performance
    • Observing feedback to recommend improvements to existing products
    • Developing technical documentation to guide future software development projects

    Preferred competencies:

    • US Citizen
    • SQL, MS SQL, T-SQL
    • Deep knowledge of database design and multiple programming languages
    • Experience with data ETL processes
    • Experience with high load data querying
    • Communication and experience to work in a cross-functional matrix organization to understand what business leaders want to gain from the company’s large datasets
    • Prefer Bachelor’s and/or master's degree in Computer Science or a related area
    • Proficient level of C# .NET; Python, Java, C++ as advantage
    • Excellent knowledge of the software development life cycle
    • Strong problem-solving and communication skills
    • Knowledge of Object-Relational Mapping frameworks
    • Experience with Agile and Scrum development methodologies
    • Ability to pick up and learn quickly and work independently or as part of a team

    Will be an advantage:

    • Apache Spark
    • Cloud-Native Data warehouse design and architecture
    • 10+ years of experience in application development

    Please email your resume or CV to:

  • Database Developer


    • Cloud Data Solutions (Snowflake, Redshifts, etc.)
    • Design, develop and implement database systems based on customer requirements.
    • Optimize database systems for performance efficiency.
    • Prepare design specifications and functional documentation for assigned database projects.
    • Perform space management and capacity planning for database systems.
    • Develop database tables and dictionaries.
    • Ensure data quality and integrity in databases.
    • Identify any issues related to database performance and provide corrective measures.
    • Create complex functions, scripts, stored procedures, and triggers to support application development.
    • Participate in database design and architecture to support application development projects.
    • Perform data back-up and archival on a regular basis.
    • Test databases and perform bug fixes.
    • Troubleshoot database-related issues in a timely fashion.
    • Develop security procedures to protect databases from unauthorized usage.


    Nice to have:

    • Integration Experience
    • API Development Experience
    • ETL Experience

    Please email your resume or CV to:


  • Data Analyst and Report Developer

    Be able to participate and drive the following processes:

    • setting business requirements for BI tools;
    • translating business requirements into technical ones;
    • leading BI software development, deployment, and maintenance;
    • report curation and data modeling;
    • participation in data warehouse design;
    • documenting contents in a data warehouse and meta-data storage; and
    • creating technical documentation for BI tools.
    • Experience with BI tools
    • DB/DBA background preferred
    • Experience in Power BI
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Transformation
    • Data Aggregation
    • SQL and M scription
    • Multi-Dimensional Data Sets.
    • Statistics and Calculations
    • Communication skills
    • Business Analyst skills

    Please email your resume or CV to:

  • Managed Services SME

    Be able to participate and drive the following processes:

    • Setting business requirements for BI tools;
    • Translating business requirements into technical ones;
    • Leading BI software development, deployment, and maintenance;
    • Report curation and data modeling;
    • Participation in data warehouse design;
    • Documenting contents in a data warehouse and meta-data storage;
    • Creating technical documentation for BI tools;
    • Experience with BI tools;
    • DB/DBA background preferred;
    • Experience in Power BI;
    • Data Modeling;
    • Data Transformation;
    • Data Aggregation;
    • SQL and M scripting;
    • Multi-Dimensional Data Sets;
    • Statistics and Calculations;
    • Communication skills;
    • Business Analyst skills;

    Please email your resume or CV to:

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