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PPM 365

Thousands of customers take advantage of our expertise in project management and implementation of Microsoft Project Management for multiple industries in verticals. The difference in project management allowed us to open opportunity and heist level of services to customers. Will helped to implement and execute most complex projects and programs throughout the world. We are also proud to deliver training and Top-notch collaboration pro team members weather this is a waterfall or agile environment.


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Healthcare & Life Sciences



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Financial & Insurance Services

Managing projects in the Financial & Insurance industry requires additional precision, security, and compliance. The Trusted Group will help you to manage your most complex projects by providing a Suite of Managed IT Services and Solutions designed with the Financial & Insurance industry in mind. 


Media projects may only look easy-to-understand on the surface. But in reality - each media project presents an iceberg with many unknowns beneath the uncertain waters.

The Trusted Group will help you to minimize risks related to each particular project by providing a Suite of Managed IT Services and Solutions designed to help Project Management professionals to have time and money under control by achieving the highest efficiencies throughout each of the projects.

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More than 45,000​ of viewed hours of free training materials on our YouTube channel.

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