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All data and changes to data are stored and available for reporting, auditing, snapshots,
trend analysis – making the Power Hub a data time machine.

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Store, sync and retrieve data

Power Hub consolidates data from different sources and stores it in a version-based structured way for improved reporting and AI analysis. The synchronization of data to Power Hub is based on event triggers that enable real-time reporting capabilities. Power Hub makes it possible to retrieve the data after it was deleted from the source system and can assist the manual restoration of lost data.

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Built for data-driven decision-making


Snapshots and baselines play a critical part in analyzing progress, comparing current values against historical baselines, trending analysis for planning or budget data. These scenarios are often not captured up-front when designing the system. With the Power Hub, you can create historical snapshots at any time for real-time historical analysis or view all changes if needed.

Power Hub is also the place for advanced logic and calculations. Setting up business rules in this business analytics tool can help optimize performance for reporting tools like Power BI while reducing resource-consuming calculations and logic in the front-end layer.


Status reporting in PowerPoint or Word



Trend overview
Devlopments on key numbers
Gives an overview of the current data-set compared to EOM snapshots for previous months.


Financial Trends 
Track financial key figures
Track portfolio’s current financials compared to snapshots from multiple previous months.


Risk Trends
Smarter insights for business forecasting
Allows access to a more detailed view of the development in risks across projects.



Resourse Trends
Historical data on resource demand management
Visualize a more detailed view of the development in requests and allocated hours across projects requirements.



Delivery Date Changes
Postponed delivery dates
Deep dive into a more detailed view of the trend in postponed delivery dates.



Make Power Hub your business analytics tool


Reporting on historical data; how and when it changes can give valuable insights into how your business and processes work and highlight changes in areas of special focus for further explanation. With access to trend-based data, decision-making becomes more informed and effective. Early intervention is driven by reliable information, not just “gut-feel”.

Power Hub functions as a separate database and can provide better performance on reporting compared to making reports directly on the application. If better performance is needed the Azure resources can be upgraded for only the direct cost to Microsoft, making Power Hub very scalable.



Snapshots and baselines

Retrieve data at any historical point in time and make data copying during the snapshot process obsolete.



Snapshots and baselines

Retrieve data at any historical point in time and make data copying during the snapshot process obsolete.



Import & integrate

Extract data from several Microsoft databases like Azure, Dataverse, Power BI, and Dynamics 365.


What is Business Analytics?


Business analytics is the practice of improving a business’ strategic decision-making by analyzing historical data. This is typically gained through the use of different business analytics tools. This type of software retrieve data from one or more business systems and structure and store the data in a data hub to enable review and analysis. A business analytics tool differs from a business intelligence tool as it not only reports the results of the data, but explain why the results occurred to help identify weaknesses, fix potential problem areas, alert decision-makers to unforeseen events, and even forecast future results based on decisions the company might make. An effective understanding and use of such software, can enable companies to more effectively achieve their strategic business goals, keep the company competitive, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

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