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PMO ROI Calculator

Microsoft PPM ROI Calculator

Based on "The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Project Online".

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Microsoft’s Cloud-Based Project Management Solution

The Trusted IT Group Excel model of the ROI Calculator will help you calculate Return on Investment from Microsoft PPM solutions for your organization quickly and easily.

Key Benefits:

  • 387% Return on Investment 
  • Net Present Value of $3.4 million 
  • Reduction of 83% in Overtime Costs 


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TIG’s Proprietary 60i Agile Integration

Integrate any other Agile software (TFS, JIRA, VersionOne, etc.) and roll project data to the portfolio level regardless of the delivery method. By leveraging either 60i, end-users stay in their project management software of choice while maintaining visibility to management.

PMO Maturity Assessment Based on Gartner and PMI Principles

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Trusted IT Group custom add-ons


One-Button Resource Engagement Leveling Solution

Leveling across multiple resource engagement and multiple projects can be a daunting task. Wouldn’t it be great to just press one button and level everything for the perfect resource load balance? We are proud to say that we have made that “easy” one-button Leveling Solution for you with a ton of other features.





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