Request and allocate resources, view and manage capacity, monitor the demand and
allocation scenarios and more with Team Planner.



A modern approach to people planning

Resource Management is one of the most critical disciplines in a PPM ecosystem. Team Planner delivers best in class capabilities for resource capacity planning – involving Line Management in the request and allocation processes. ​


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Simple and effective Resource Management


Team Planner is a modern resource management software and is designed for organizations to assist with resource planning and capacity management. It allows for simplified digital handshakes and processes between Project and Resource Managers to ensure real-time capacity and demand insights available to the organization.​

It is an enterprise business application that is easily deployed, regularly updated with built-in migration tools, on a scalable infrastructure, controlled by the end-user.​





“Team Planner integrates very well with our existing PPM solution based on Microsoft Cloud Services, and user adoption was easy thanks to the very user-friendly interface. Projectum was very fast and efficient in the implementation process and was always available for support, especially just before go-live which was very important to secure a successful roll-out.”

Mette Marie Christtreu

Area Director, SVP


A tool for Resource Managers



Request the right competences for your projects
Choose a project and send a request for a generic resource with the possibility of adding comments for further specifications.

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See resource availability and allocate accordingly
Enabling the digital handshake
Team Planner works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and other third-party apps, improving collaboration and user adoption.

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Enabling the digital handshake
Team Planner works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and other third-party apps, improving collaboration and user adoption.


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Better decision-making based on reliable data
Embedded Power BI reports can be made available for Project Managers, Line Managers, PMO and C-level management to improve business decisions.


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Set up rules for security, usage and other organizational needs
The system administrator can configure a variety of settings, to set up specific wishes and needs for the organization.

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Why do we think that Team Planner is the best resource management tool? 

By implementing this resource management tool in your organization, you can finally substitute all your Excel spreadsheets and manual processes with an intuitive and automated solution, which will not only improve your data quality but allows you to spend your time on more valuable tasks. The Team Planner technology integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams as it is built on Azure to deliver a state-of-the-art user experience. Additionally, data is consolidated into one common database. As an Azure service, Team Planner connects to multiple project management tools and environments. Team Planner has an additional benefit of exceptional functional performance and overall resilience due to its high-performance back end.




Enables collaboration

Collaborate across units, departments, and teams to create transparency.



An intutive interface

The user-friendly UI simplifies the complex task of resource management.




Improve reporting

Ensure top-down and bottom-up alignment through embedded Power BI reports.


What is Resource Demand and Capacity Management?


Resource demand and capacity management, refers to the practice of planning, tracking, and optimizing the utilization of resources, typically people, in order to streamline project work and completion.
When it comes to managing team members, this involves communication and collaboration between project and resource managers, planning ahead, checking the resource’s availability, allocation of the right resources to the right projects, and adjusting all of these things on an ongoing basis.

One of the reasons why resource management plays such a crucial part in your project planning is because of the high demand for collaboration and transparency. Without alignment on requests and allocations of team members, there is a high risk of over-or underspending of resources, which in the end potentially will result in low project efficiency.

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