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Professional Services

The core of The Trusted Group's Professional Services is based on our Vision to provide an ultimate hub that will allow business organizations of all sizes to effectively manage IT, marketing, and investor relations (IR) projects; as well as initiatives and campaigns within the same organizational ecosystem.




In case, you have a question outside vertical markets and industries presented below, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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The Trusted Group's Professional Services will assist your organization to deploy business resources allocated to internal projects on a cross-functional basis while establishing multi-dimensional thus effective communication between all project-teams and members aiming to achieve higher operational efficiencies through the unification of systems and processes.

The Trusted Group's team members and advisors offer years of experience and vast expertise in offering professional services in IT, marketing and IR services from Start-ups to Fortune companies in various verticals and industries.

IT Services

The Trusted Group offers a wide variety of IT Services for organizations of all sizes.


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Marketing Services

For each approved, measurable objective, and considering budget limitations and time constraints, we will work with your organization to develop a list of workable strategies to attack and defend against the competition, and innovate to avoid the competition (strategy pyramid) in order to achieve each objective. Together we will identify and tackle any areas of structural change — technological, customer, competition — that could provide your Company with an opportunity or advantage that will help to achieve your marketing goals.


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IR Services

Our rationale for offering Professional IR Services, as a part of the TTG Professional Services Platform is simple and straight forward.

Almost 50% of the Trusted IT Group Clients are publicly traded companies that ca...



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Channel Partner Services



More than 45,000​ of viewed hours of free training materials on our YouTube channel.

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