Feel more accomplished every day with
the new Microsoft Planner

Tracking your tasks, shouldn’t be a task.


of people spend too much time searching for information during the workday?Microsoft Work Trend Index. May 2023


of people wish their collaboration tools were compatible with one another?Four Ways Leaders Can Empower People for How Work Gets Done


say their current collaboration tools are not aligned to how their teams prefer to work?Four Ways Leaders Can Empower People for How Work Gets Done


Manage all your tasks and plans in one simple familiar experience with Planner in Microsoft Teams*Generally Available Spring 2024

  • Track all your work in one simple place
  • Choose the approach that works for you and your team
  • Power your plans big and small
  • Improve speed and efficiency with AI-enabled capabilities

Simple, collaborative, and powerful, the new Microsoft Planner helps you effectively manage work and achieve your goals

Planner is simple

  • Manage your tasks, to-do lists, plans, and projects across Microsoft 365 from one place
  • Share and manage tasks and plans without switching between apps
  • See everything you need to accomplish today in a single view

Planner is flexible

  • Start a new plan fast from a template
  • Choose from an array of views and approaches including lists, boards, timelines, and more
  • Set project goals at the organization, team,or project level

Planner is scalable

  • Choose from a menu of capabilities to fit your unique needs
  • Get big picture views across initiatives
  • Configure, extend, and automate Planner, with or without code

Planner is intelligent

  • Use Copilot in Planner as your digital assistant
  • Create plans, tasks, and goals from a prompt
  • Get answers to questions on progress, priorities, workload and more


Planner Workshop: Unveiling Microsoft Planner's Potential.

By participating in our Planner Workshop, you'll gain invaluable insights into Microsoft Planner's capabilities and its potential to revolutionize your business processes. Ready to unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency? Join us on this transformative journey.

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2-Week Deployment & Implementation Acceleration.

Through collaborative efforts, we empower users to embrace the platform's capabilities fully. Additionally, we meticulously monitor and measure the impact on business efficiency, providing valuable insights to drive ongoing optimization and success.

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User Adoption Program: Empowering Effective Utilization of Microsoft Planner.

User Adoption Program is designed to provide sustained support and guidance, empowering organizations to realize the full potential of Microsoft Planner.

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Planner Extensibility Consulting Service: Tailored Solutions for Your Business.

Our Microsoft Planner Extensibility Consulting Service is your gateway to customizing and expanding your Microsoft productivity suite to align seamlessly with your unique business objectives.

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How we help our customers


Business Transformation and change is welcomed (Consulting Services)

  • Transform
  • Adopt
  • Enable​​

Business process is exact math – we transform the qualitative to quantitative science​.

  • Digitization
  • Computation
  • Analysis

Strategic and tactical.

  • Strategizing
  • Prioritizing​
  • Laser focused execution​​

Our customers

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Trusted IT Group, Inc. (“TIG”) is a Gold Microsoft Partner comprised of thought leaders in Cloud Migration, Data Analytics and Project Management successfully provides innovative cloud and on-premise solutions.


Formed in 2009 and headquartered in New Jersey, Trusted IT Group is led by experts with decades of experience. TIG’s team of consultants utilizes industry-leading best practices to ensure that value is added on every customer engagement. TIG believes that reinforcing the groundwork for tools, people and processes are paramount to success.

Organizations from a wide range of geographical locations, industries and sizes, including Fortune 1000 companies, have leveraged Trusted IT Group’s expertise to increase collaboration, minimize risks and ensure the alignment of all strategic objectives.